Saturday, August 9, 2008

Realistic Superhero Inspired Costumes for '08

Superhero costumes are some of the most sought after costumes on the market during the Halloween shopping season. Hollywood filmmakers manage to rekindle our interest in our beloved superheroes every year when they produce mega million dollar films starring our favorite good guys. This year is no different.

With the incredible box office successes of Batman: The Dark Knight and The Hulk, fans are flocking to costume shops in droves looking for the perfect costume to pay homage to their favorite comic book superheroes and villains. Due to innovative designs, superheroes on the big screen are looking more realistic than ever. In response, the Halloween costume industry has attempted to follow suit in the production of superhero Halloween costumes. And their efforts have been enormously successful this year.

Cheaply produced plastic costumes are outdated. Now, Halloween costume manufacturers are creating incredibly realistic latex costumes that speak to today's die-hard superhero movie fans. Take a look at the impressive Hollywood inspired costumes available this year.

This officially licensed Batman costume is nothing short of spectacular. Made of durable latex for a more genuine look, this over-the-top costume boasts remarkable sculpted muscle plates that will give even the frumpiest fan the chiseled, rock-hard body that’s synonymous with the Caped Crusader. Most online costume shops offer this masterpiece of Halloween costume design at a super-sized price. But carries this and other extraordinary costumes at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay anywhere else.

Who would Batman be without his mischievous archenemy, the Joker? This year, loyal fans of Batman: The Dark Knight are anxious to play this painted-faced evildoer more than ever thanks to the late Heath Ledger’s spectacular performance in the most highly anticipated movie of the year. This freakishly frightening latex Joker mask is sure to become a best seller this Halloween shopping season. Get yours while it's still available.

You’re sure to make others green with envy when you wear this Super Deluxe Incredible Hulk costume. This incredibly realistic looking costume comes complete with a full over-the-head mask with attached hair, a hood for use under the mask, a green latex chest piece, molded lower arms and hands, knee high foot covers, a jumpsuit with padded thigh muscles, a torn white shirt, and torn dark pants. Add some green body makeup and you’re sure to be a hit at your next Halloween or superhero-themed costume party.

Regardless of who your favorite superhero is, is your one-stop-costume-shop. We carry a full line of offically licensed superhero costumes and a limitless supply of Halloween body makeup to ensure that this Halloween is one of the best ever. Make this Halloween an adventure with