Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Boy's First Halloween!

Baby Boy’s First Halloween

            Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to decide how you’ll dress your youngin! This is an opportunity to make your child comfortable and cozy in a costume that’s certain to have the entire neighborhood talking!
            Big fan of baseball? Maybe you’re a Sox fan, maybe you root for the Yankees. Whatever your team, dress your child in our Baby Baseball Bunting costume. It includes cap and ball. Your child will look even better than Jeter in this ensemble, so watch out! People might start asking for autographs before your child can even sign his name.
            Prefer soccer balls to baseballs? Check out our Baby Soccer Ball Bunting costume.  This blue and white ensemble could make even David Beckham jealous. Your baby will be comfy cozy and ready to rumble while he collects his candy. The costume includes bunting, ball, shirt and sweatband to ensure your kid’s the most stylish player on the field.
            You can also try our Baby Basketball Bunting costume, for the kid who’s already learning to “shoot hoops” with dad. Those college recruiters might be knocking down your door a few years early!
            Got a kid who just LOVES Shrek? It’s ok, we love him too! We’d recommend our Baby Shrek Romper, a delightfully wacky costume that turns your baby into the cutest (and tiniest!) ogre out there. Sized for children from newborn age up to six months, this green and brown outfit is anything but scary.
            Maybe you’ve got a superhero in the making. Has your baby been flying around the house when you’re not looking? Better get him into our Polar Fleece Superbaby Costume right away. Halloween may be coming up, but he’s got the world to save and not a lot of time to do it! This can’t wait until the 31st. This costume is one of our most loved, so snatch it up before it sells out.
            If you’re looking for the cutest insects around, look no further than our Baby Bee and Baby Bug costumes. You’ll have the whole neighborhood buzzing, because there is no insect nicer than your Baby Bug! These costumes come in comfortable plush suits with wings and matching hats included. They come in sizes up to 24 months, so this costume can be re-used again and again, from Halloween night to a rainy day indoors.
            For more great baby costume ideas, visit us at: Halloween Adventures.
We have everything from princess dresses to Potter robes. You’re certain to find the best costumes for Baby’s First Halloween at Halloween Adventures!