Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be As Funky As You Want to Be This Halloween

If your little girl isn't into the frilly, pink, soft and lacy attire that's synonymous with princesses, baby dolls, and Barbie(r), you'll find this Halloween shopping season to be easier than those of the past. Because little girls have rough and wild aspects to their personality just like little boys, costume manufacturers have answered the call for feminine but tough costumes this year.

So if she's sweet and spicy, girly and glam, fabulous and funky, she's sure to find the perfect Halloween costume this year. From cheerleaders to fairies and everything in between, costume manufacturers are changing the way we view "girly-girl" stereotypes.

If the Halloween spirit brings out her darker side, she can embrace it without losing her femininity this year. Our Bad Spirit children's Halloween costume takes the world of cheerleading and gives it a razor edge. Forget vibrate colors and frill--this sensational costume just oozes rebellion!

Is cheerleading a little too girly? Prefer something a little wilder? Then you have to check out our Bat Chick Gothic Halloween costume. This goth princess isn't into lace sleeves or floral accents--she's much too dark! Combine this cool costume with a funky hairstyle and watch the prissy girls drop in their tracks.

If your little angel is anything but, she's sure to love this season's incredibly vicious Dark Angel costume. If goth is her idea of high fashion, she'll be blown away by this naughty little number. From the top of her black Marabou halo to the bottom of her silver trimmed mini dress, this little angel is devilishly wicked!

If she loves pink but hates the frill, our Graveyard Fairy costume is sure to blow her away this Halloween. This awesome black and pink costume will satisfy her craving for a walk on the wild side. Featuring jagged trim and a lace-up bodice, this one oozes funky Gothic flair!

Prefer a more traditional Halloween costume? Then our Hip Witch costume will fit the bill nicely this year! This fun and funky witch is flashy and fabulous from the tip of her cone hat to the ends of her spider web bell-bottoms.

If fairy tales are her forte but she hates the happily-ever-after, nonsensical, fairy-tale bliss associated with them all, she can shake things up a bit in our Little Dead Riding Hood costume. This little do-gooder didn't quite make it to Grandma's but it hasn't affected her spirit in the least.

Are you reluctant to let go completely? Do you still have vivid memories of the days when she used to play "princess"? Don't worry--HalloweenAdventure.com has the perfect solution to keep you both content this Halloween. Our Masquerade Ball Gothic Princess costume carries the Thy Evil Court name brand and it's as dark and glamorous as Halloween costumes get!

From prissy to funky, HalloweenAdventure.com has the perfect costume for your little girl. Our massive selection of girl's Halloween costumes gets more impressive with each season. Just one visit to our incredible website will prove to you that HalloweenAdventure.com is the only logical choice for all of your costume and accessory needs!
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