Friday, September 5, 2008

Live out Your Fantasies with

If you're ready to stop daydreaming and start living out your fantasies, let show you how it's done! Whether you fantasize about stardom, naughty bedroom romps, or just being in complete control, can equip you with the attire you need to unleash your wild side!

We all fantasize about something and there's nothing wrong with wanting more than what we have. In fact, it's perfectly natural to never be satisfied. We want more money, fame, respect, time, friendship, love, commitment--we just want more of everything. And while some of our goals are difficult to obtain due to our personal situations, it still doesn't hurt to fantasize.

So let us show you how to live out your fantasies without the guilt. Halloween is the perfect time to let go of your inhibitions, throw caution to the wind, and become something or someone you've always dreamed of being.

Just look at how you can live out your wildest fantasies with our plus size fantasy costumes:

If you've always dreamed about the fame and glamour of stardom, you have to check out our sensational 1950's Starlet costume. Reminiscent of the Marilyn Monroe era, our 1950's Starlet costume is sure to make you the talk of the town. Show off those voluptuous curves and prepare for endless photo ops when you cast your mundane life aside and pursue that of sexy, silver screen goddess!

Love being in control? Then you're going to love our Ann Munition plus size costume! Ann has all of the right equipment to take charge of any situation. Help your partner live out his or her fantasies while you live out yours in this incredibly sexy plus size costume!

Ever dream about being a sexy bunny and having men drool over your, uh-hmm, assets? Expect a call from the most popular men's magazines when you wear our viciously sexy Cocktail Bunny costume. She's sexy, seductive, and oh so smooth as she pours the drinks and serves the crowd in more ways than one!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be one of those housewives who lives on the edge, gallivants with every young man in town and spends her day teasing the pool boy? You don't have to wonder anymore! Live out your fantasy of being the naughty housewife in our Deviant Housewife plus size fantasy costume. This humorously sexy costume includes a medicine bottle, cooking utensils, and an emergency phone number card. What more do you need to whittle away those long hours while your trusting husband is away at the office? (We'll leave that up to your imagination!)

Prefer something a little more innocent? Something a little less risque? Then you may want to take a step back in time to your high school days and shake things up a bit! Our Prep School Delinquent costume will ensure that you always get the attention of the hottest guys in town. She looks innocent enough but something tells us there's more going on beneath that uniform than meets the eye.

Whether you want to sample your fantasy or jump feet first into a new, more vibrant, arousing lifestyle, you're sure to find the perfect costume to help you fulfill your dreams at

Make this Halloween a mesmerizing adventure with!