Friday, September 5, 2008

The Most Popular Plus Size Costumes of the Season

The beginning of the Halloween shopping season signals a search for the most popular costumes as we determine which costumes will become this year's best sellers based on last year's sales and this year's popular trends.

When it comes to plus size costumes we are always on top of what's hot and we just couldn't wait to show you what's popular in the plus size Halloween costume industry this season.

While we could give you a list of no-brainers, like The Dark Knight or Star Wars, (costumes that you already know are incredibly popular) we want to show you the most popular costumes that may have slipped beneath your radar.

So, without further ado, here is our top 10 list of Popular Plus Size Costumes:

10. Wonder Babe Adult Plus Size Costume: This sizzling superhero is HOT! We're not sure where her powers lie or what she believes in but, then again, we don't care. She's a Wonder Babe, need we say more?

9, Sassy Pirate Adult Plus Size Costume: This sassy pirate is trendy and ready for a high seas adventure. From the tip of her headscarf to the bottom of her pirate pants, she's fabulous!

8. Wanda Wizard: Reminiscent of that other wizard who manages to grace the big screen every couple of years, Wanda's power is captivating but not so much as her style of dress. When she casts her spell, you're sure to be enchanted for days to come.

7. Sexy School Girl : There's no need to wonder why this sexy school girl always manages to make the grade. If you're looking for something hot to wear to show off your voluptuous curves, look no further--you've just found it!

6. Tin Man: At more than seventy years old, the Tin Man is still going strong! He's a heartless chap with a rusty bottom, but he has still managed to squeak his way into our Top 10 most popular plus size costumes list. Regardless of how old we get, the Wizard of Oz always has been and always will be a major inspiration for Halloween costumes.

5. V for Vendetta: This sensational costume is sure to be a big hit this year! From the top of the hat to the tip of the boot tops, this Grand Heritage edition costume is unbelievably incredible!

4. Zeus, God of the Sky: Zeus is a powerful being and he makes a killer Halloween costume! Impress your friends with your "godly" powers or simply grace the party with your presence. Either way, this sensational costume is sure to please.

3. Vineyard Vixen: This super-sexy costume proves that stomping grapes does a body good! If you're looking for something sexy yet not too revealing, this is the costume for you!

2. Open 2 Anything: We'd have to wash our hands after writing about how incredibly eye-popping this viciously sexy costume is! So, we'll keep it as "G" rated as possible, (Just click the link to find out for yourself.) Don't say we didn't warn you!

And finally, the most popular plus size costume of the season (except for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Dark Knight, Hulk, etc.) is:

1. Shrieking Soul: This ultra-scary bad boy is sure to make you the most feared villain in town. If you want to scare the bajeebas out of everyone, this is the costume to do it in! He's serious about savagery, maniacal about murder, and bold about disemboweling his victims, but he is oh so cool!

There you have it! Make this Halloween an adventure with's impressive selection of popular plus size costumes!