Thursday, September 4, 2008

Perfect Party Prepartions

So, you've been thinking about your costume party for months and by now, you have everything planned right down to the last detail right? Okay, maybe not. But that's where comes in.

To help make this year's party the best ever and thrust you into the costume party hall of fame, we've taken the liberty of compiling a to-do list for you. Follow our simple guide to get your party started right!

1. Consider the theme: Are you planning a general costume party this year, or do you want to shake things up a bit? Theme parties are becoming more popular with each season and many are finding that a carefully organized theme costume party is the only way to celebrate. Take a poll and select a theme that is will be appreciated by the majority of your guests.

2. Compile your guest list: After you've selected a theme, you'll know whether or not your costume party will be kid and general audience friendly. Compile your guest list to include your family, friends, and coworkers, but don't worry about hurting someone's feelings if you don't really want them to come to your party. This is your night to shine and have fun--it isn't a night to feel obligated to invite anyone for feelings' sake.

3. Plan the refreshment list: Depending on the number of people you plan to invite to your party, the cost of the refreshments could be rather expensive. Try to choose snacks and beverages that are easy to display and easy on the wallet. Chips, candies, a vegetable platter, and pizza should satisfy the majority of your guests without breaking the bank and you can always opt for homemade punch over expensive soft drinks and beer. If you find that your party just wouldn't be a party without a few alcoholic refreshments, you can encourage your guests to bring their own.

4. Get ready to decorate: The more impressive your decorations, the more exciting and genuine your Halloween party will be. Even if you don't have the time or the means to decorate the entire house, you need to decorate the areas that your guests will see. The front lawn, the porch, the main room, and the bathroom should be decorated even if it's only with orange lights and jack-o-lanterns.

5. Select the music: The music you select could make or break your party because people tend to mold their emotions around the music they hear! If you're like most of us, your party invitation list will consist of a montage of people from all walks of life and not all of them will appreciate your taste in music. The solution? Simply select classic Halloween music that will appeal to almost everyone. "Monster-Mash", "Thriller", the "Halloween" movie theme and other popular, well-know songs are sure to appeal to the majority of your guests!

Now, get to work, Halloween is just around the corner!