Thursday, September 11, 2008

Press Release - Presidential Candidates Duke it out at Halloween Adventure

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“Presidential Candidates Duke it out at Halloween Adventure”

Political Character Masks Are Hot This Year

Boothwyn, PA September 10, 2008 -- Costume and accessory superstore, Halloween Adventure, unveiled their new line of political character masks on Wednesday.

Bob Shank, CEO of Halloween Adventure, one of the world’s largest costume and accessory retailers, said on Wednesday, “With the presidential election lurking just around the corner, political character masks are big business for the costume industry. From Barack Obama to John McCain, President Bush to Vice President Cheney, and even Bill and Hillary Clinton, political character masks are becoming more popular as we near the November 4th election.”

According to Shank, Halloween Adventure currently offers political character masks inspired by modern politicians and popular presidential figures from the past. “Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, and Richard Nixon have proven to be popular masks in previous years but this year’s presidential candidates will steal the show,” Shank says. “This election is like no other in history. We’ve had the joy and privilege of seeing an African American man, a war hero, and a woman compete for the most highly regarded position in our country’s government. We’ve seen history unfold before us.”

Political character masks, like those available at Halloween Adventure, have been seen on “Saturday Night Live” and other popular television programs since the kickoff of the election year. “What makes political character masks so popular is that they can be used to show support for a particular politician or make fun of one,” Shank says. “These masks are versatile in that regard and, unlike most masks and costumes; they can be serious, funny, silly, or just downright scandalous depending on the wearer’s intent and the accessories used.”

Shank also claims that political character masks make for impressive couples’ costumes as well. “We encourage shoppers to make the most of the festivities when they and their loved ones dress in coordinating costumes. Couples’ costumes are fun and instant attention grabbers on the Halloween party scene and there are few people in our country more recognizable than Barack Obama and John McCain, George and Laura Bush, or Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

With a multitude of political character masks available to fit most adults, it appears that Halloween Adventure is ready for Halloween and Election Day.

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