Friday, September 12, 2008

Sexy Pirates Have Taken Over!

Sexy pirates have battened down the hatches here at From naughty swashbucklers to even naughtier buccaneer babes, the sexiest pirate costumes for the 2008 Halloween season have arrived and they're taking us prisoner!

Think you can cope with these viciously sexy costumes? Then prepare to surrender the booty with us as we take a look at some of the sexiest pirate costumes on the planet!

(**Warning: Clicking on the links below may cause rapid pulse, light headedness, dizziness, excessive salivation, and downright naughty impulses. You have been warned!)

Let's start our little compilation of the sexiest pirate costumes with something ravishing in red. If you're the real treasure of the ship, you're sure to look sensational in our Captain's Treasure pirate costume. This naughty little number will shiver your timbers all night long!

Looking for something a little more elegant? Just because you spend your days pillaging, it doesn't mean you can't do it in style. If you're a sexy seafarer with a hankering for elegance, you're sure to love showing off those incredible curves in our Elegant Pirate Lady costume. If you're looking for sassy class and sexy elegance, this is the one for you!

We know what you're thinking--you haven't experienced that light headedness or salivation we promised and, frankly, you're getting a little frustrated. Never fear! Perhaps these little ladies will cause a violent physical reaction in you this season :

Whether you're walking the plank, stage, catwalk, or just the floor at this year's costume party, you're sure to show off the pirate's booty in style when you wear our Lacy Pirate costume. Get ready to become the hottest scavenger on dry land when you shock the masses in this one!
If sassy swashbuckling is the name of the game, you're sure to win the hearts of the sexiest bad boys in our Luxurious Pirate costume. Show the world that you're the real treasure this Halloween when you become the vicious pirate vixen!

If you prefer your high seas adventures to air a little southern charm, you're sure to love plundering the city in our South Seas Siren Pirate costume. This sassy seafaring siren certainly knows how to capture the attention of the crew! Plunder, pillage, and tease your favorite crew mate in style this Halloween!

Really want to show of the treasure chest this season? Ready to set sail and embark on a real adventure? Then prepare to wow the crowd in our Treasure Chest Pirate costume! If you're ready to prove to the world that you're ready for excitement, this is the costume to do it in!

Whether you're looking for a high seas adventure or just a landlocked escapade, you're sure to love the endless thrills you'll get from wearing our sexy pirate costumes. offers sexy pirate costumes for men and women in a wide array of styles and sizes to ensure that you look your absolute best this Halloween.

Get ready to make this Halloween a sexy adventure with!