Thursday, October 2, 2008

The couple that "Halloweens" together stays together!

The Couple that Trick or Treats Together Stays Together
            This Halloween, why not dress up together? Try it as a bonding activity, a way to bring you and your honey closer. Too sappy for you? Just think of it as a great way to get two costumes in one. This way, you won’t have to deal with his annoying, “but I want a maaaask, that’s what men wear!” or her ridiculous, “but baby, I want to look pretty!” Leave all the drama aside and pick a costume both of you will enjoy and look great in!
            Make like Sonny and Cher, one of the most famous couples in Hollywood history (way before Brad and Angie were around) and pick up one of our “I got you babe” Costumes. This crazy number includes purple pants for him and gold bell-bottoms for her, plus a whole lot of rainbow tie-dye.  You’re bringing sexy back, old school style.
            For those more in the mood for something guaranteed to have neighbors in stitches (and maybe, send kids running), check out our Adam and Eve Couples Costume. This amazing getup is one size fits all, and includes two flesh-toned jumpsuits with strategically placed leaves. It’s hilarious, it’s badass, and it’s an homage to the couple who started it all.
            Speaking of funny, our Nuts and Bolts Couples Costume is absolutely ridiculous in the best of ways. This costume is easy as can be, and features lame covered foam oversized “metal” pieces with adjustable waistbands. Now all that’s left to wonder is whether his bolt will fit inside your nut…           
            Another “will it fit?” party favorite is our Plug and Socket Couples Costume. This set includes a black and grey socket tunic for her and a white plug costume for him. Both costumes are made of light yet durable fabric. This Halloween duo will have party guests requesting demos all night long.
            Hungry? Too bad, cause our Bacon and Eggs Adult Costume isn’t for dinner. It is, however, for Halloween! This fabulous set includes one bacon tunic and one egg tunic, both in one size fits all. You might have to remind people that you’re not for dinner, but you’ll definitely get them staring!
            You can always make your own couples costume by choosing two individual costumes from Halloween Adventures. Making your own creation can be just as fun!