Friday, October 10, 2008


            This Halloween, go down the rabbit hole and follow Alice around Wonderland. This famous trippy tale is the perfect story to model your Halloween costumes around, as there are millions of characters to mimic. Just be careful you don’t try anything labeled “eat me.” As Alice has taught us, those little mushrooms can be bad news!
            Ladies can start with our Alice Adult Fairytale Classics Costume. Includes a blue satin dress with attached apron, and a black headband. You may want to practice a perfect British accent with a hint of ditz, as we’re aware Alice wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. We recommend carrying around a tea cup, or at least some of those valentines hearts as props.
            Go the opposite route with our Alice in Gothland costume. A riff off the Alice tale, this costume is sexy, spicy, and any other word you’d never associate with the original Alice. The costume includes dress with attached petticoat, apron, choker, headband, and gloves. It may not be typical, but it’s definitely a welcome change!
            Oh! It’s the white rabbit! He’s late, he’s late, for a very important date! Channel the white furry friend in this fabulous tale with our Alice in Wonderland Classic White Rabbit Hat. Make sure you can find the Mad Hatter, because you know there’s a tea party to attend! Make this costume even better by adding a long pocket watch.
            Go all out rabbit in our Deluxe White Rabbit Adult Costume. It includes rabbit body, feet, mitts, vest, jacket, watch and hat. This one’s sure to have you right on the money, as it’s as perfect of an imitation as a human could get!  Whiskers aren’t included, but we’d recommend drawing them on and adding a pink nose!
            Who could forget the deliriously ridiculous Mad Hatter? Replicate the ridiculous in our Mad Hatter Adult Fairytale Classics Costume. Would you like some more tea, my dear? Oh, never mind that you haven’t had a first cup! Includes Multi-color hat, Orange jacket, Light Green pants, and vest with tie.
            Mimic the dumbest twins ever (or perhaps, just the most devious!) in our Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costume. Costume includes a one piece jumpsuit with attached suspenders, bowtie, and propeller hat. For a look that’s nearly identical to the one in the famous Disney film, try this one.