Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Forget Pimp My Ride- Pimp your D-O-double G

Forget Pimp My Ride- Pimp your D-O-double G
            Generally, when it comes to Halloween, people get to have all the fun! And when you think about it, your favorite four-legged friend is a member of the family; why not let them join in this Halloween? That’s right, we want you to pimp your dog! No, we don’t mean peddle it on the street. We mean dress it up!
            Honor the troops with our Pet Army Costume. Your pup will be a guaranteed USA stud in this getup. Just don’t be surprised if you lose him in the bushes; camouflage gear can be quite tricky!
            If you’re one of those people who saw The Dark Knight ten times, you’ll definitely love our Batman Dark Knight Costume. Just make sure your dog doesn’t run into any Batman imposters around the neighborhood, or he’ll have to show them who’s boss!
            Ahoy, matey! Pirate Dog here! This fabulous getup includes robe with imprinted skull & cross-bones, attached pleather belt, coordinating headpiece, and four paw covers. Yo ho ho!
            Got a dog you swear could pass for food? Just kidding! But if you’ve got a hot dog, you’re going to have to check out our Hot Dog Costume. This one guarantees laughs from the neighbors. This great hot dog pet costume has "hot dog" on top with mustard, relish and onion details, and "buns" on the sides with the words "Hot Dog".
            Fire dog to the rescue! Got a dog that’s always saving the day? Reward him with this K-9 Fire Rescue Dog Costume. With shiny red and yellow coat and a dog-sized fire hat, this costume features attached costume arms and a whole lot of pizzazz! Hello, 911? This doggie’s on fire!
            Here comes the bride, all dressed in white….but she’s a puppy! Our Bride Dog Costume includes a white wedding dress and veil with attached character arms. It’s beyond adorable! Just don’t forget to include something borrowed and something blue!
            For more inspired pet costumes, visit!