Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ghostly Getups

Ghostly Ghouly Getups
            People often forget the original mavens of All Hallows Eve; the ghosts! This Halloween, dedicate your costume to the original stylists of scare with our wide range of ghostly outfits.
            Those who want a two in one deal should snag our Ghost Ship Pirate Costume. It’s the marriage of the ghost and the pirate, a dead pirate sailing the seas, spreading ghostly fright throughout cities and towns. Costume features shirt with ragged sail, headpiece and pants with ragged “wooden” cuffs. You can also check out our Pirate Ghost Elite Adult Costume.
            Gentlemen will look extremely sharp in our Ghostly Gent Adult Costume. This all white getup includes coat, vest with attached shirtsleeves, pants, dickie with scarf collar, gloves and a wig. Pair with white face makeup for an all over pale look.
            Ladies in waiting will love our Ghostly Lady Adult Horror Costume. This costume goes perfectly with the Ghostly Gent and is a great addition to a couples’ costume. This lovely, fully finished garment includes a light grey tattered full length velvet gown with zipper in back, satin & lace accents, tulle petticoat, matching hat, gloves, and wig.
            Don’t get into a car if Hemlock the Ghostly Chauffeur is driving. This guy’s been dead for ages and he’s a reckless driver with a taste for danger. The Hemlock the Ghost Chauffeur costume includes: matching grey chauffeur's jacket and pants, grey hat with black brim, and black boot tops. Totally creepy and totally fabulous, Hemlock’s a sure costume hit.
            Do you hear those wedding bells ringing? Lady Nightshade the Ghost Bride is here, somewhere. Lady Nightshade, The Ghost Bride is ghastly in her grey dress with sheer grey overskirt, white lace wrist inserts, white lace neckband and grey veil. Left at the altar and shunned by her family, Lady Nightshade is not someone to mess with.
            No matter which ghost you choose, make sure to don white face paint, and maybe even some bruises atop your cheeks. You’ve been risen from the dead, remember, back to haunt the living, so make sure and work it.