Thursday, October 9, 2008


            Everyone knows Harry Potter and his wizard friends are nothing without their wands. Hence, your costume is nothing without some Harry Potter accessories! Sure, you can snag a Gryffindor robe, but you can’t make any magic happen without a wand!  Thankfully, Halloween Adventures has everything from wands to glasses to floo powder, so never fear! Your accessories are here!
            Start with Harry Potter Wire Glasses. Everyone knows Harry’s blind as a bat without them, and your costume won’t be complete unless you’re wearing a pair! Use them to see magical creatures and help you catch and ultimately defeat the evil wizards of the world!
             Remember Dobby? He’s the lovable house elf that’s often forgotten on Halloween. This year, remember Dobby and celebrate him with our Dobby hands! A little bit freaky and a lot of fabulous, this hands are an officially licensed Harry Potter product!
             Grab your broom and soar into the sky. You’ve got to catch The Golden Snitch! Little, gold and winged, our snitch looks exactly as you’ve always pictured it would. Now all you need is to practice your flying skills and avoid the bludgers!
            The Harry Potter folk would be absolutely nothing without their wands? Remember when Ron breaks his when he and Harry get caught in the Walloping Willow? His wand malfunctions, performing all the spells the wrong way, until Hermione (smart girl that she is!) fixes it for him. Make sure you’ve got a functioning wand with our Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Wand.
             Show your Gryffindor pride with our Hogwarts Gryffindor Hat and Scarf! You’ll need them to keep you warm when you watch Harry showing them who’s boss at Quidditch games! Fan of a different house? Try our Hufflepuff scarf instead!
            If you’re traveling into the Enchanted Forest at nighttime, be sure you’ve got your Harry Potter Lantern with you! This will come in especially handy during the Quidditch World Cup, when all sorts of things are going wrong and you need to light your way back to safety!
           Check back for Part II of our Harry Potter accessories series! There's more to come!