Monday, October 13, 2008

I am Wonder Woman, hear me roar!

            Channel that fabulous woman sent by the all female Amazons to the “man’s world.” Wonder Woman’s powers include super-strength, hand-to-hand combat ability, and flight. She also makes use of her Lasso of Truth (which forces those bound by it to tell the truth), a pair of bullet-deflecting bracelets, and an invisible plane. Lucky for you, we’ve got a bunch of Wonder Woman costumes to help you become the badass superhero you’ve always wanted to be!
            Start with sexy in our Wonder Babe Adult Superhero Costume. This sexy super hero costume includes a red cape and a gold red blue and white dress with a red sequin star. This one is guaranteed to have everyone staring at your goods, so it might not be the best choice for an office Halloween party, but it’s definitely good for a party party!
            Looking for the real deal? Check out our Wonder Woman Adult Superhero Costume. This one is straight of the DC comics, and might just remind you of the costume Rachel Bilson wore as Summer on the OC the night she made Seth Cohen choose between her and Anna (we were always a Summer fan, all the way).
             Wonder girls can sport our Wonder Woman Children’s Superhero Costume. Costume includes: Gold headband with Red Star, Red cape, Red, White & Blue leotard, Gold belt & lasso, Silver bracelets and Red & White boot tops. Looks great paired with a Superman costume!
            For something a bit different, try our Wonder Woman Deluxe Historical Superhero costume, a hybrid outfit that pairs the DC comic hero with Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts. This costume includes long dress with queen card print top and red bottom, heart-styled tiara, heart wand, and choker with heart pendant.
            Whichever Wonder Woman you choose to be, remember that the best part of a costume like this is that it requires a good deal of self confidence! Put one of these babies on and get ready to rock it this Halloween, because you’re here and you’re fabulous!