Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Millions of Masks Part I

Millions of Masks!
            This Halloween let your face do the talking. That’s right, we’re advocating a less complicated costume. Why on earth would we do such a thing? Well, we believe that a face can say a thousand words (and no, we don’t mean by talking). We mean by wearing one of our many fabulous masks. Halloween Adventures has a million and two masks for any kind of costume, from politicos to pets. So try and simplify, and let your mask do the talking.
            Go for scary with our Autopsy Ghoul Mask. You’ve risen from the dead, teeth bared and ready to find some live human flesh. Mwuahahahaha. Little children and old women beware; the Ghoul is on the loose!
            Replicate this summer’s smash hit with our Dark Knight Masks. We’ve got everything from the Joker to the Child Joker! Step aside Batman, there's a new kid in town! This officially licensed Batman: The Dark Knight Joker mask is made of durable latex and is designed to fit most adults. Now you can wreak havoc on the city in style just like Batman's archenemy!
            Embrace a humorous Halloween attitude with our Burger King mask. Have it your way and be the recognizable King from Burger King! This full over the head latex mask is a replica of the one seen on TV with the oversized face and attached crown.
             Go superscare with our Chucky Mask. A top-quality, full over-the-head, hand-painted latex mask fashioned after the character Chucky, even has fake hair (front half is latex, back half is the fake hair). Mask is made latex and faux hair. One size fits most adults. This is an officially licensed mask from the movie Seed of Chucky, 2004 Focus Features, LLC.
            Ever been told you’re not sensitive enough? Taunt the haters with our Grinch Mask and prove your heart is big enough to poke fun.  You’re not such a mean one, Mr. Grinch!
            Scare everyone around with our Voldemort Mask. The Dark Lord has arisen and is gathering his supporters day by day! The scariest (but no longer the most powerful!) wizard in history is on the loose!
            Funny is as funny does with our Homer Simpson mask. One of the most famous characters in recent history, the Homer mask is a surefire hit with any audience!
            For more masks and costume ideas, visit the mask section of Halloween Adventures HERE. Watch out for another post on fun mask ideas!