Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Plus Size Divas

            This post aims to let curvaceous women know that there are plenty of costumes out there for them! Far too often, plus size women shy away from costumes because they think the outfits won’t come in their size. This might be true on some sites, but here at Halloween Adventure, we think every shape and size is perfect as is! Hence, we sell a myriad of costumes for plus size women, because big IS beautiful!
            Looking to do a period costume? Do a riff off the famous three musketeers and snag our Lady Musketeer Costume in Plus Size. This stunner includes a daring tie up long sleeved bustier top in black velvet, as well as a fabulous white skirt with brown velvet down the sides and gorgeous gold detailing. A history lesson isn’t required, but in this getup, you might be asked to give one!
            You’ve never seen a soccer referee look so good. Our Lipstick Referee Sport Sexy Costume in Plus Size is an absolute knockout. It includes a black and white striped dress with an attached petticoat for extra poof, as well as a whistle (for out of bounds playing!) and matching striped socks. The boys ain’t even seen nothing like this!
            Calling all cutesy girls! Our Little Bo Peep Adult Costume isn’t for little girls, but it’s as cute as a button. Even if you don’t plan to herd any sheep, check out this fantastic getup. It includes a peach-colored dress with mock vest and sheep appliqué, pantaloons, and mop hat. The sheep you may have to find on your own.
            Star in your own opera with our Madame Butterfly Costume in Plus Size. This delicate and deliberate confection of pink silky goodness is guaranteed to wow.  It features a gorgeous printed kimono with Japanese writing, as well as a traditional belt with an Obi (traditional decorated cloth). A geisha wig is sold separately, but you can find it HERE. 
            Last but certainly not least is our Magnificent Witch Costume in Plus Size.  This costume is, well, as the name states, absolutely magnificent. It’s a take on Sleeping Beauty’s dangerous and frightening bag witch, Milificent, and includes a long black dress with purple bat-wing sleeves and fuchsia accents. It also includes an attached stand-up collar and foam headpiece. It’s positively perfectly scary and sexy all at once!
            Remember: Just because this mini-series is over doesn’t mean there aren’t millions more options for curvy girls on our website. Visit the online catalog for many more choices. Whatever you choose to wear this Halloween, make sure you wear it with pride. Confidence is the best accessory a girl can have.