Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sexy Pirate Costumes

Sexy Pirate Costumes
            Ahoy, matey! Halloween’s ahead, and it’s time to get sexy! That’s right, pirates don’t have to be dirty and smelly. They can be gorgeous and sexy. Think Kiera Knightley character in Pirates of the Caribbean, but with a little bit less clothing!
            Ladies will love our Buccaneer Babe Adult Costume. Walk the plank in sophisticated pirate style this Halloween when you wear this classy Buccaneer Babe adult Halloween costume. Buccaneer Babe includes a long backed, crimson jacket with Velcro front closure, foam backed, shiny, black material collar and gold trimmed cuffs, black faux satin capri pants with an elastic waist band, short sleeve black and white top, matching bandana, black tie belt with fabric buckle, and a black fabric eye patch.
            We also have a Buccaneer Beauty Costume, a slight variation on it’s predecessor. This hot buccaneer loves adventure! Show off those sexy curves in style this Halloween when you wear the Buccaneer Beauty adult Pirate Halloween costume! This luscious little number includes the elaborate pirate top, black pants with attached burgundy sash, hat, and eye patch as shown.
            For those looking to get really sassy, try our Buccaneer Wench Adult Costume. This sexy buccaneer doesn't mind showing off her treasure chest! If you have the curves and the nerve, then this is the costume for you! The Buccaneer Wench costume includes the peasant top, dress with attached arm wraps, and a headband as shown.
            Go a different (less colorful) route in our Fancy Pirate Adult Halloween Costume.  This costume includes a tight black minidress with silver detailing, as well as a matching hat and boot cuffs. It’s still sassy, but a little less over the top.
            If you love gold, you’ll love our Marauder’s Wench Sexy Costume. Includes a peasant top dress with a jeweled brooch. The dress is black with a gold shirt, gold skirt and gold detailing, so you’re gilded all over.
            For more pirate costumes, check out Halloween Adventures’ online catalog.