Friday, October 3, 2008

Stop Clownin' Around!

Stop Clownin’ Around!
            Clowns. Some love them, some hate them. Some are afraid, some can’t wait to give them a giant hug and toot their red noses. For kids who fall more into the latter category, check out our selection of Clown and Jester Costumes!
            For those who love color and aren’t afraid to make a statement, snag our Bubbles the Clown Children’s Costume, which includes a fabulous red, blue and yellow satin-feel one piece suit. The suit features bubbly detailing and wide yellow buttons down the middle. Top it off with our Rainbow Clown Wig and you’re sure to have everyone staring and giggling at your colorfully ridiculous getup.
            Little clown lovers can try our Clown Toddle Costume, another jumpsuit, this one with attached inner hoop, ruffled color and matching hat. This costume is guaranteed to bring the giggles; all that’s needed is two red dots on the cheek and you’re good to go!
            Maybe the jester is more your child’s style. Never fear! We have multiple jester costumes to choose from: our favorite is the one in black and purple, a delightful tunic that comes complete with matching hat. It’s comfortable, cute, and most of all, it keeps you warm!
            We’ve even got scary jesters to keep the monsters away! Our Evil Jester Children’s Costume comes is a black and white ensemble of double knit poly skirt with skull trim, checkered pants, black waist sash, black and white checkered headpiece and skull mask. This one’s devilishly frightening, so watch out!
            Whichever route you take, make sure to be safe this Halloween! Always trick or treat with a friend or a parent, and try and stay warm!