Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're off to see the Wizard!

We’re off to see the Wizard!
            This Halloween, pay homage to one of the greatest stories ever told: that of Dorothy and her journey to the Emerald City. Here at Halloween Adventures, we have a myriad of costumes for the perfect Wizard of Oz tribute.
            We start our journey with the adorable munchin girls Dorothy meets in her first few moments in the Emerald City. Our Munchkin Girl Adult TV Wizard of Oz Costume is the best. Munchkin Girl is having fun in her emerald green dress with attached apron in lavender, and lavender collar and in the sleeves. Munchkin pointed hat with flower on end and of course the striped black and white socks complete this petite outfit.
            Next to the munchkin girls are the munchkin kids. You know, the ones that sing with those giant lollipops in their hands. Trippy, perhaps, but a great idea for a costume! Try our Munchkin Kid Adult TV Wizard of Oz Costume, which includes a multi colored shirt with white collar, front button accents, Green shorts, and Green & White stripe leggings. We wish to welcome you to munchkin land!
            Then there is, of course, the mayor of Munchkinland! A powerful man he is, and a powerful man you’ll be in our Munchkinland Mayor Adult TV Costume. This deluxe costume includes: Green pants with draw-string waist, Green jacket with tails & attached multi-colored vest (color pattern may vary, our choice please), bow tie (with Velcro for attaching) and a green hat.
            Who can forget the Good Witch Glinda? In our Wizard of Oz Sexy Glinda Costume, you won’t soon be forgotten, that’s for sure! This costume includes a gorgeous light pink dress and headpiece. Just snag yourself a starry wand and some good intentions and you’re good to go! Don’t want to go the sexy route? Try our Wizard of Oz Glinda Movie Costume, an exact replication of Glinda’s beautiful pink gown from the film. Comes complete with a beautiful, full pink dress with tiny silver stars and a matching silver foam crown.
            Of course, there’s always the all important Dorothy, around whom the entire story centers! Our Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult Costume  includes a polyester gingham print dress with an attached white 'blouse'. Ruby slippers are necessary, of course, and are sold separately HERE.            
            For more Wizard of Oz costume ideas, check out Part II of our series, coming soon!