Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's your Fantasy? Part I

Adult Fantasy Costumes
            Everyone has a fantasy- you know, the things you dream of doing, being—the things you can’t do or say but wish you could. Thankfully, there’s a little holiday called Halloween, which allows you to dress uptight or skanky, pretty or ugly, and anywhere in between. It allows you to live out any of your fantasies (as long as they’re safe!).
            Ladies, maybe you have a thing for power. Sure, you like it in your men but you like it better for yourself. Rock our Ally Catraz Sexy Adult Costume. The super-sexy Ally Catraz adult Halloween costume includes an orange two way zipper dress with front and back screenprint, removable badge, handcuffs, and booking card.
            Perhaps you’ve just always dreamed of being queen. If so, try our Black Queen Adult Fairytales Costume. This regal costume includes full length panne mock corseted velvet gown with dramatic silver lame center panel, sheer sleeve drapes, and a crown headpiece with attached veil.
             Some fantasies are pretty strange…such as hoping you’ll wake up one day like Gregor Samsa and have undergone a metamorphosis into an insect. Well, if there’s any day to live out a fantasy like that, it’s Halloween, and we’ve got a Cockroach Adult Costume to fit the bill.
            Maybe you’ve always fantasized about getting grandma back for all those ugly sweaters. You want to do it nicely, let her down easy, but you need a teeny bit of revenge. Try our Crazy Cat Lady Costume.  Costume includes a pink bathrobe with tiny cat heads all over it, as well as a headpiece with even more kitties! MEOW!
            Always wanted to be a fairy? Try our Dix Tinkerbell Adult Costume. Costume includes: Metallic ragged dress with iridescent insets and waist tie and wings. We’d recommend some fairy dust as well!
            For more fantasy costume ideas, visit Halloween Adventures, and check back for Part II of this post!