Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wiggin' Out Part III

Wiggin’ Out Part III
            Like, OMG, this wig is soo fabulous. What say you, Paris Hilton, about our Celebrity Wig? What’s that? That’s hot? Yes, we think it’s pretty hot ourselves. Outdo yourself in ditiziness with our blonde wig, without a doubt an homage to Paris herself.  This wig is long, blonde and sexy.
            Make like Kirsten Dunst in Bring it On with our fabulous Cheerleader Wig in Blonde. This baby is adorable, featuring heavy blonde bangs and shoulder-length ponytails accented with poofy Red balls. Go team!
            Make all your dreams come true in our Cinderella Child Wig. Little girls will ooh and ahh over this blonde updo with included blue ribbon. Glass slippers and dress aren’t included, but can be purchased. You could even try this wig with a “before” costume of ratty dress and torn apron.
            Play the milkmaid with our Classic Braids Blonde Adult Wig. Wig features long blonde braids on each side. This wig is a perfect compliment to a Heidi-like costume, or even to a rendition of a modern icon such as Paris Hilton.
            Honor your mother’s high school yearbook picture this Halloween in our 50’s Wig in Brown. This one is straight out of a time warp, and goes perfectly with a nice little sweater set and pearls. Oh mother dearest, look at me!
            Pretend you’ve transcended the limits of time and travel back to the year 1607 when Jamestown, the first English colony here in America was founded. Our Colonial Wig in White is the perfect way to pay homage to those who started this great country. Works great with Colonial Wig for Men as a couples costume!