Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wiggin' Out Part V: Men's Wigs!

Wiggin’ Out Part V: Who said ladies get to have all the fun?
            The majority of our wig series has been focused on the females. As our hunt for the perfect wig comes to a close, we’d like to focus on the men for once! That’s right, this entire post is about wigs for men. Who said girls get to have all the fun?
            Play one of the many politicians portrayed in Hollywood and beyond with our salt and peppered Commander in Chief Wig. This baby is born to be worn with a smart suit and a pair of nice loafers (ok, boat shoes would work too).
            Going pirate this Halloween season? Check out our Deluxe Gypsy Pirate Wig.  The deluxe Gypsy Pirate Wig is a Fabulous-looking with a scarf tied around it and colorful beads dangling.
            Rock it rasta style with our Dreadlocks Adult Wig. You’ll be jammin’ like Bob Marley in this short black dreadlocked headpiece. Rasta hat not included, but we recommend a Marley tee, mon!
             Go back in time to the era of peace love and happiness with our Feeling Groovy Wig. This long black wig includes braids and beads, and looks great with those Lennon-era circular sunglasses and a laid back attitude. Some tie dye can’t hurt either.
             Go all out ridiculous with our French Aristocrat Wig in Grey. This long curly mess harkens back to the days of lunchtime tees and horse drawn buggies to and from the palace. Put this on and feel the instant increase in status.            
            Finish off your Geppetto Costume with this great Geppetto Wig and Moustache in Grey. This getup instantly ages even the youngest men into elderly chap with a penchant for puppetry!
            For more male wig ideas, check out the wig section at Halloween Adventures! Happy Halloween!