Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wiggin' Out!

Let’s play put the wig on the character!
            Hair today, gone tomorrow. This Halloween, get your favorite costumes and step them up a notch with our wide selection of wigs. We’ve got a wig for every size, shape, color and style, and we’re willing to bet you can find a wig to match your costume desires!
            Ladies can mimic their favorite television redhead (Lindsay Lohan, this doesn’t mean you!) with our I Love Lucy Adult Wig.  This wig is a perfect replica of Lucy’s signature do, and it’s sure to turn heads!
            All alone, cooking dinner as the family dog curls at your feet. Gosh, you almost wish you’d gone back to work and bing that must be the chicken! Yikes, we’d have to bet you’re a 1950s housewife. Poke some fun at the wives of the decade with our 50s Housewife Auburn Wig.
            She loves you, yeah, yeah yeah! She loves you, yeah yeah yeah! She loves you because you’re a Beatle! Our Groovy Beatles Wig will have all the ladies fawning, so we suggest you pick up some guitar skills in your spare time so you can rock and roll all night long!
            Is that Edie Sedgwick I see? Our 60’s Pop Icon Wig channels both Edie and Twiggy with its flattened, well cut blonde style. Layer on some fake eyelashes and a whole lot of dark eyeliner and you’re a sixties maven who’s ready to groove.
             You’re the girl who spends hours teasing her hair just so it’ll look like our 60’s Teaser Auburn Wig. This wig also comes in black, and blonde and is a perfect addition to any swinging sixties costume. Peace, love and happiness man!
            You are so that dude. You know, the dude who smokes a lot between glasses and never gets the answer right but is such a hottie. Be that dude with our 70’s Dude Wig. Oooohhh yeahhh.             
            Mimic the Material Girl with our 80’s Glam Wig, a fabulous blonde number with streaks of red, orange and pink.  Perfect for those with fiery personalities and a whole lot of spunk!

            For more wig ideas, check out the Wig Section at Halloween Adventures. There will be many more wig posts to come on the blog, so keep checking back for more fabulous suggestions!