Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adult Thanksgiving Costumes: Indians!

Thanksgiving Costumes: Indians
            Everyone knows the stereotypical story of Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday when the pilgrims and the Indians finally made peace and all ate a meal together. Most people equate Thanksgiving with a big family meal. Here at Halloween Adventure, we equate it with a costume! We have a myriad of options to choose from to spice up your Thanksgiving, whether it be for a party or a family dinner. After all, you can always dress up!
            For starters, we have a variety of Indian costumes. These outfits would make Pocahontas jealous, so don’t be surprised if you turn a few heads. Such is definitely true of our Indian Maiden Adult Costume. This gorgeous outfit includes a full length tan corseted dress with sexy side slits and feather accents, and even comes with an accompanying feather headband!
            Teens will love our Indian Princess Teen Costume, a gorgeous brown dress with fringe trim and an asymmetrical hem. Fringe detail is a lighter tan color, and neckline and tank straps are an interesting diamond patterned design. Costume also comes with matching feather headpiece.
            Women looking to spice it up a bit should snag our Sassy Indian Adult Costume. This costume’s a bit risqué for a family dinner, but it’s perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving party. This native garb includes a light brown suede like corseted short dress with fringe accents and matching fringe anklet.
            Go even sexier with our Sexy Indian Girl Adult Costume. This is one you might want to save for the bedroom, as it features a tan minidress with a salacious v-neck cut. The edges of the dress are outlined in darker tan fringe, and the costume includes a fabulous feathered headpiece.              
            We’ve got even more Indian costumes to choose from, so check out Halloween Adventure online! Check back to the blog in the next couple of days to see Indian and Pilgrim costumes for teens, tots, and everyone in between. Happy Holidays!