Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dress up as an Indian on Thanksgiving!

 Who says you can’t continue celebrating Halloween all the way into Thanksgiving? Since Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s steeped in history, you might as well dress the part and reenact the story of peace, forgiveness and sharing. We’ve shown you adult Indian costumes, and both children and adult Pilgrim costumes, which leaves only one thing left to fulfill: children’s Indians costumes! We have a wide variety of outfits, perfect for everywhere from the living room to the school play.
            Our Indian Boy Children’s Costume is the perfect way to begin your holiday. It features red pants with funky fringe on the sides, a matching red shirt with jagged neckline, and a realistic looking feather headband in yellow and white with colored detail on the band.
             Little ladies who love Pocahontas will enjoy our Indian Girl Little Sunshine Toddler’s Costume.This costume looks as though it’s straight out of the Disney film with a tan dress with fringed edges on all side, and fringe detail on the neckline. The dress is decorated with gorgeous blue and red designs and includes a bright red headband with matching feather.
            Our Indian Girl Child Costume is the perfect compliment to the red colored Indian Boy costume mentioned above. With a fabulous skirt and dress combo with fringed edges and a yellow ribbon with zig zag designs, this baby is made for historical fun! The costume also includes a matching handbag and headband with green and yellow feathers.
            Remember, all of our costumes come in multiple sizes, so you can always find an outfit that fits! For more Thanksgiving fun and costume ideas, head on over to Halloween Adventure’s online store.