Saturday, November 22, 2008

Even more Thanksgiving Costume Ideas!

            One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that the holiday provides a myriad of options for costumes! You can go pilgrim or Indian, and either option provides even more options! We’ve showed you pilgrim costumes and Indian costumes, and now we’ll show you the accessories to go with it. After all, everyone knows an outfit isn’t quite complete unless you’ve got the accessories to go with!
            If you’re going as an Indian, your look won’t be complete without a headband. Thankfully, our Headband Deco Fabric with Feather is perfect for the job! This headband is made of fabric and has an Indian design along the sides as well as a single feather.
            You’ll also need some moccasins to top off your look! (or should we say bottom?) Our Indian Ankle Boots are the answer to your prayers! They’re so comfortable; you might want to wear them all the time! These tan booties come with a tie at the ankle and excess fringe, so you’ll make a little music as you walk.
            Go all out with our Indian Super Deluxe Headdress.  Perfect for school play and reports, this beautiful, deluxe, ceremonial style Native American Headdress is made of long flowing sides of multi-colored layers of feathers, Native American style headband, and white marabou accents.
            Ladies can rock our Indian side lace boots. These babies are ‘meant for men’ but add a ton of pizzazz to any women’s costume as well. Knee length boot with a  flat sole, side laces and fringe at the top, their warm tan color is sure to make a statement.
            A good prop to have is our Native American Tomahawk. You’re a young warrior; you must prepare to fight! This tomahawk is completely harmless, but looks totally real, and is lots of fun for your young children to play around with.
            For more prop ideas, check out Halloween Adventure’s online store. Keep checking back to the blog for more fun ways to rock it out on any holiday!