Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Turkey Day/Thanksgiving Costumes!

            Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean the fun is. While we hope you had a glorious and candy filled holiday, we want you to know that the fun has just begun! While some might not encourage costumes all year round, costumes are our thing, so that’s just what we’ll do. Today’s post is about Thanksgiving costumes.
            Sure, there’s the turkey, and the stuffing, and the requisite Turkey Day dishes, but why not have a little bit of extra oomph this Thanksgiving? Our Pilgrim Man Adult Costume is a top quality outfit that includes a black jacket with contrasting white collar and cuffs and black knickers. It’s the best way to welcome everyone to the table.
            Turn it into a family affair with our Pilgrim Woman Adult Costume. This outfit includes a black and white contrasting dress, a white apron, collar and cuffs.  Just think, with the included apron in the costume, you won’t need to put one on while you’re cooking!
            Kids will love our Pilgrim Boy Children’s Costume. Includes a black cotton hat with white strip and gold square accent, black cotton shirt with white lapels and white folded sleeve cuffs, black cotton pants with elastic that cinches just below the knee and a black belt with gold clasp.
            Our Pilgrim Girl Children’s Costume goes hand in hand with the Pilgrim Boy one, featuring a white cotton bonnet with an under-the-chin ribbon tie, a long, black cotton dress with a cinched waist, lace accents and a black ribbon in a bow at the neck, white cuffed sleeves and a white cotton apron with lace trim.
            So, this Thanksgiving, as you wear your pilgrim costumes, think back to the origins of the holiday and what brought the Pilgrims and the Native Americans together way back when in Jamestown. Good food, good costumes, and a little bit of history! What could be better?