Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We know Christmas is pretty much around the corner, and you might be worried that your last minute items from Halloween Adventures won't get there in time if you order them the night before. So, we thought we'd remind you that we don't just operate online. We also have real stores that you can visit!

Imagine that! A way to get your costumes in person! This means you can go into a store, pick out your wig and match it with your costume without doing a thing online. Now, we know some people love to shop online (we're one of the them) but we also know sometimes the nicest thing is to be able to go to a store in person and pick out the things you'd like. 
Thankfully, we've got the best of both worlds. You're totally covered. Halloween Adventures stocks things on its website (which we hope you've visited many times by now!), AND in its stores.
For a list of stores near you, simply visit our website at HalloweenAdventure.com and click on the top right corner where it says: 85 Stores in 7 States to serve you! Type in your zip code, click "search" and voila! You'll be presented with a list of stores in your area. 
We wish you the best in your costume hunting for the holiday season! Keep coming back to the blog for more costume ideas, and remember, the best costumes tend to sell out, so hurry up and get yours before its too late!