Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Give your girl what she really wants: Hannah Montana Gear

You can bet your bottom dollar that the number one wish on your daughter's list this year is to be transformed into teen pop sensation Hannah Montana. You may not be able to turn her into someone else, but you can do the next best thing: get her a slew of Hannah Montana costumes and put them under this year's tree! We have a wide variety of Hannah gear to get you going, and we're sure you can find something your little girl will adore. 
   If your girl is a Hannah Montana fan, or even a Selena Gomez Girl, chances are she’s heard of the Cheetah Girls. It’s likely she’s probably a big fan. This girl group sensation is sweeping children’s radio charts with their catchy, upbeat tunes.
            Try our Cheetah Girls Galleria Costume. Costume comes with a dazzling pink kimono style dress with black cheetah print and attached belt. Help your girl along the way by belting out some tunes in the mirror for practice.
            She may also like our Hannah Montana deluxe costume. Hannah Montana costume includes top, skirt, and detachable belt with logo, scarf, black leggings, fuzzy bootcovers, and wig.
            Though Hannah and the Cheetah Girls never perform together on the Disney Channel, there’s a first time for everything. Unite the neighborhood and gather a group of Disney girls to trick or treat together. Snag multiples of each costume, and you’ve got yourself a super girl group!              
            We also have a Hannah Montana Outfit in Gold. This one is perfect for a girl who loves all that glitters.  Get the best of both worlds in an outfit that includes: Jacket, top, leggings, belt, and wig.
            Our Hannah costume also comes in Pink. This costume is perfect for girly girls, and is a nice compliment to the gold Hannah costume, as well as the pink Cheetah Girls costume!  Includes: Jacket, top with attached vest, pants, belt, and bracelets.
            Gather the girls together and rock it out Halloween style! Remember, Hannah Montana costumes are some of the most popular costumes we have, so make sure you get on top of your Halloween costume hunting as soon as possible in order to snag your costume before it sells out! Log on to Halloween Adventures now!