Monday, December 15, 2008

Make your own: Christmas Hair Clips!

Stay stylish this holiday season with these Christmas hair clips. A dash of glitter and miniature Christmas lights make this a sparkling craft for fashionable young crafters.

What you'll need:

  • Old hair clips (the kind that are round or triangle that snap back and forth work best)
  • Bright colored nail polish and/or glitter nail polish
  • Clear nail polish (optional)
  • Sparkles or craft glitter (optional)
  • Tiny decorative light bulbs (see photo) with hole on end
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Super Glue, optional (for parental use only!)

How to make it:

  1. Take your old hair clips and paint them with colored nail polish (you may want to paint them a certain color to match outfits or you can paint them lots of different colors).
  2. After you have painted the clips with colors, you can let the nail polish dry and paint some more glitter nail polish over top for an extra touch. If you do not have any glitter nail polish, you can sprinkle craft sparkles or glitter over the colored nail polish when it is still wet.
  3. I would suggest putting a coat of clear nail polish over the clips afterward if you are using craft glitter. Let dry.
  4. Take a piece of fishing line and string on some tiny light bulbs.
  5. Put the fishing line through the hole on the end of the hair clip. Tie securely at each end.
  6. If you find that the light bulbs fall out of their socket, have an adult use Super Glue to glue them back into place. (Note: We tried other types of glue and they wouldn't hold) Let dry.
  7. Enjoy wearing these cute clips in your hair!