Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Christmas Decorations!

More Christmas Decorations!
            Everyone knows that when it comes to a holiday as important as Christmas, the decorations are just as important as the presents and the traditions! Lucky for you, we have a wide variety of Christmas and holiday decorations to suit any mood and any budget. Click, click, click, little Santa’s helpers, because the last thing you want is to be left in the dust!
            This airblown Santa and Friends isn't a scene to be missed. If you're one of those families who is always the talk of the town come holiday season, out do yourself this year! Our Santa and Friends features Santa, a snowman, a polar bear playing the trumpet, a penguin and even a reindeer! A scene that screams holiday cheer, this collection of characters is the perfect way to greet guests at the holiday party or just cars driving by. It's fun and exudes a sense of happiness the whole family can enjoy.
            Everyone loves our Airblown Light Show Snowman and Penguin Family. Somewhere out there, in a world of magical beings, it's the holidays every day. Penguins and snowmen hang out together and sing holiday tunes at the top of their lungs in perfect harmony. Wait a minute....this sounds like your front yard, doesn't it? Well, kudos to you! You've turned your home into a singing winter wonderland!
            Deck the halls with bells of holly and deck the windows with Christmas gel clings! Demonstrate your holiday spirit with our fabulous gel clings. These look great on any window, or even in the bathtub to get really into the spirit all over your home. Best of all, they're not only fun for you to look at, but they show your spirit to the neighbors as well, so that everyone can share in your Christmas happiness.
            Got a kid who's certain he's related to Santa? Sure that he was meant to be born on the North Pole? Well, great news! We have a pre-holiday gift that's sure to make him smile. Our life size jointed Santa cutout is a great wall decoration, whether it be in a children's room or in the family room. It features a large Santa with movable arms, so kids can pick and pose him as they like. It's perfect for those who just love when Christmas comes around, and makes a great gift for lovers of Saint Nick.
            Everyone loves a little bling, a little extra pizzazz, and especially so on the holidays! This fabulous extra large red Christmas bow is the perfect accessory for a myriad of things. It'll look great on the front door! It'll be the perfect compliment to a funny present costume at the office holiday party. It's an amazing topper for a Christmas tree. No matter where you put yours, you're sure to bring a little bit of extra holiday cheer.