Friday, January 9, 2009

Continuing with superhero costumes...

Honestly, can you ever have enough Superhero costumes? We don't think so. There are so many heroes to imitate, the list goes on and on. Yesterday, we featured Iron Man costumes, inspired by a recent viewing of the parody film Disaster Movie. However, featuring Iron Man isn't enough for us. If we did a post on one superhero, we figured we might as well cover all the bases.
Hence, our fantastic selection of Superman Costumes! We have costumes for both adults and children, so no one will be left out.
We have a wide selection of  Adult Superman costumes sure to fit every size and choice! For the most hardcore of fans, we have a collector’s edition costume that you’re sure to wear again and again. Don’t have the muscles to mimic Clark Kent? No worries, our Superman jumpsuit provides a detailed muscle chest. The ladies will swoon. Check out our full range of Superman Costumes here.
When it comes to kids costumes, we have an endless amount of choices! Clark Kent is off and running in this fabulous Superman Adult Superhero Costume. This one’s a direct take off the comic book look with a jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape, and belt. Perfect for kids or adults who wish they were kids, this costume turns you into your favorite superhero in under ten minutes.

            Big fans can check out our Superman Deluxe Superhero Costume. It features a red and blue muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt and cape. This is an officially licensed SUPERMAN™ costume, © DC Comics. If the previous costume turns you into a superhero in under ten, this one works its magic in under five. Those built in muscles don’t hurt either!
            Women can check out our Supergirl Costume! Superman’s cousin is all grown up and is ready for some action! Kara of Argo City, daughter of Alura and Zor-El, doesn’t scare very easily. From an idyllic society, on a planet known as Krypton, this lovely lady emerges. This stunning Supergirl costume includes a one-piece dress with a blue top and a metallic red skirt. Gold trim around the neckline and sleeves show the attention to detail on this design. The official Supergirl logo embellishment, gold belt, and attached red cape are also features that complete this superhero’s signature look. Red and gold metallic boot tops are also included to pull-together the authentic look of this costume.
            Looking to beef up? Kids can check out our Superman Muscle Chest Superhero Children’s Costume. This costume includes a muscle chest, blue jumpsuit with attached boot tops, burgundy cape and molded yellow belt. This is an officially licensed Superman™ costume, © DC Comics. Like it’s adult counterpart, this costume is badass and turns you into a superhero, stat!
            Superman costumes also come in Toddler, and Infant.
            Supergirls can check out our Supergirl Children’s Superhero Costume, a cool confection composed of a blue & red dress with attached red cape, shiny red and gold boot tops, and gold belt.  This costume also comes in Toddler and Teen.
            Whichever you chose, honor the best superhero of all time and wear your costume proudly!