Monday, January 5, 2009

Even more good news!

We're happy to announce that soon, we'll be expanding our blogging repertoire! You read that right: soon, there will be even more blogs chock full of ideas for costumes, decorations and more! 
We hope you'll continue to read this one, and to send suggestions our way ( 

We're guessing that you're finally over the glitz, glamour and let's face it, exhaustion of New Years Eve and are ready to move on to the next holiday on our list: Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We'll be doing a post on Mr. King in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, we wanted to remind you of a birthday coming up. We don't expect all of you  (except the diehard fans) to know this, but hey, you learn something new every day: this Thursday, January 8th, is the birthday of the one and only ELVIS PRESLEY. That's right, the KING of rock and roll would have been 74 on Thursday.

Celebrate Elvis' day of birth with any of our fabulous Presley costumes and you'll be doing the hound dog in style. 

Our official Elvis Black Leather Suit Adult Costume is a natural showstopper that includes leather pants and leather jacket. White t-shirt isn’t included, but we’d recommend you get one, and a microphone really tops it off. Now all you’ve got to do is slick back your hair and work on those moves.
            The great thing about the King? Well, there are many great things, but one of them was his ability to switch it up. Just like Elvis himself, we’ve got multiple outfits to help you rock in style. Our Elvis Gold Lame Suit Adult Costume is another fabulous option. This baby is solid gold and includes pants, jacket, shirt and gold bowtie.
            Looking to imitate a very specific look? Try our Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock Adult Costume.  Costume includes pants and high collar jacket with white stitching, Black & White striped shirt. Jacket features the King's last name and jail house number as seen in the film.
            Go a totally different route than normal with our Vegas Vampire Elvis Adult Costume. This baby is made for the strip, with its loud prints and excessive cape. Costume includes shirt with attached vest, cape, jabot.