Monday, March 2, 2009

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

We love St. Patrick's Day. Sure, it's an excuse to tell everyone you're Irish, paint on some freckles with that brown eyeliner you've had for years and yell, "Kiss me! I'm Irish!" - but it's also an excuse to dress up. You know we love that! While the boring folk just pull their green clothes out of their closet and layer them on, we like to go all out. Costumes, beads, etc - anything will do when it comes to our costumes! 

Our favorite costume is an Adult Leprechaun outfit with an oversized head. Don't worry, the headpiece has see-through mesh eyes, so you won't be stumbling around like a blind man. You will, however, be attracting the attention of all those around you in your fantastically realistic looking getup! Trust us, this is one HILARIOUS outfit you can't afford to miss! 
Girls can take part in the fun as well with our fabulously green Leprechaun Child Costume. This outfit isn't too over the top, so she could wear it to school or to a party at her friend's house and feel totally fabulous. It includes a green dress, black jacket, and leprechaun belt and matching hat. Voila, you've gone green!
Boys will love our funny (and way more over the top) version! This yellow and green confection is PERFECT for the class clown- it even includes a hilarious beard! The hat and the outfit are all there. It's the best way to celebrate while still having a good time. 
Even toddlers can get in on the fun with this comfy adorable green outfit! It includes a little green velvet jacket, with matching hat and belted detail. Perfect for the tot who loves to play dress up! 
Go off and hunt for the gold at the end of the rainbow! We'll see you there!