Monday, March 30, 2009

Marvel needs writers!

Can you believe it? Marvel, the be all end all of comic books is looking for writers? That's right, they've begun a new program in which they'll sign five new writers per year. Do you have the chops to write the next big Marvel movie? While they’re not exactly combing the streets with Spider-Man’s web for new talent, Marvel has indeed started a new program with the intent on signing five new writers each year and assigning them different comic adaptations to work on. Among the characters Marvel would eventually like to see up on the big screen are Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Nighthawk, Cable and Vision. Walt Disney also has a similar program, though I don’t think their writers will need a
 major crash course on masked vigilantes and little-known superheroes. Marvel has upwards of 5,000 characters in their collection, so look for this program to keep churning out new product for a long time to come.
Which under-the-radar Marvel character would you like to see up on the big screen?
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