Monday, April 27, 2009

Thriller films and scary props!

Beyonce's new movie Obsessed grabbed the top slot at the box office this past weekend. We didn't catch the flick on it's first night out, but we'll be there next week. The thriller, which also stars Ali Larter, who plays a woman obsessed with Beyonce's husband, got us in the movie for some scary props. You, the sort of things we'd use to defend ourselves if our life was a movie like Obsessed. 

We'd keep the crazies out with this freaky life size mummy. That ought to teach them! As a precaution, we'd stick a couple of these haunted tombstones in our front yard. We'd do some extra decorating around the house with these melting zombie heads. Nobody wants to mess with the dead! Lastly, we'd snag a few of these talking skulls for good measure. Ali Larter, obsessed or not, you'd better stay away!