Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is right around the corner, and we hope you’re ready! Just in case you’re not, we’ve got more than a few trusty costume options up our sleeve. Check out our 2009 selection at Halloween Adventures.
What better way to begin Halloween than to honor one of the movie heroes of 2008? This was a big year for action heroes, super heroes and even sexy seductresses! Sit back and enjoy the ride, ‘cause we’re bound to show you costumes that’ll make you feel like you’ve jumped inside the set itself.
For starters, what better movie to honor than this year’s Batman? Sure, you might not be Christian Bale, but you can dress like him! Our Batman Dark Knight costume is the closet thing out there to the real thing! Gotham City beware! The favorite son is here! If Batman’s not your steeze, pay homage to Heath Ledger and trick or treat as The Joker! We have a Joker Adult Costume, and we even have the gloves to go with, as well as the makeup you’ll need to complete your look!
Another movie that was huge this year was Indiana Jones. We know Indy’s big all the time, but you know Shia took it to another level with this year’s film! Check out our Deluxe Indiana Jones costume and get ready for your biggest adventure yet! All you need is a whip to get this party started, Jones style. Looking for a father son Jones duo? We’ve got a child sized Indiana Jones costume as well, so the two of you can trick and treat in style!
Maybe you’d like to pay homage to the original patron of Superhero movies, Superman himself! We have a wide selection of Superman costumes sure to fit every size and choice! For the most hardcore of fans, we have a collector’s edition costume that you’re sure to wear again and again. Don’t have the muscles to mimic Clark Kent? No worries, our Superman jumpsuit provides a detailed muscle chest. The ladies will swoon. Check out our full range of Superman Costumes here.
If you want to go way back, check out our vast selection of Star Wars costumes. We have everything from Princess Leia to Han Solo to the always-lovable Chewbacca. Want to take your Star Wars obsession one step further? We’ve even got Star Wars costumes for pets! That’s right, your furry friend can enjoy Halloween right by your side. Check out our Star Wars for Pets Costumes here.
No matter which movie you choose to replicate this Halloween, be sure to visit Halloween Adventures for all your ghostly needs. Halloween is the one opportunity to dress like your favorite movie star, or even your favorite rock star! Don’t miss the chance! Visit today!