Thursday, May 20, 2010

Masquerade Prom is HOT in New York City this year!

Article submitted by the Masquerade Costumes Store / Halloween Adventure Times Square:

We here at Halloween Adventure 43rd Street have made one BIG observation this past week:

Masquerade masks are definitely IN with the high school and teenage crowd here in the Times Square area. Masquerade Prom, masquerade school cruises, masquerade Sweet Sixteens (and Fifteens). That means it's been a very busy week for us here at Masquerade Costumes!

Floor managers Gabby and Oriana report that at least 3 schools in the area are having masquerade themed proms (junior and/or senior proms), according to information they've gathered from teenage shoppers this week. Oriana says that masks are being bought by both male and female students. "It's not just the girls," said Oriana, "but the females have been more into feathers."

When asked what sort of masks the teens have been buying most, store manager Stella reports "Mardi Gras, definitely." She goes on, "I've been getting groups of kids in here all day buying Mardi Gras masks. Definitely." Stella said she would certainly call this a feeding frenzy.

Gabby spoke a bit about the development of the masquerade mask popularity among the teenagers. She said the mad dash for masks this week started with a small burst of student shopper activity on Monday, and by Thursday the rush was in full swing.

Gabby also added that she has noticed the masquerade mask popularity gradually increasing with young people since New Years this year.

The masquerade rush has been keeping the Masquerade staff on their toes this prom season, and Stella and crew have been in top form throughout it all!

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