Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Boy Costumes at Halloween Adventure

Looking for a slew of great costumes for your young boy? Look no further than the wide selection of costumes at Halloween Adventure. Little boys are hard to please, always changing their minds. One day, they want to be Superman for Halloween, the next day, it's something completely different. Whatever their wish, you'll find a great costume for your little boy here.

Let your little boy fight the battles of King Arthur and learn a bit of history while he's at it with our King Crusader children's costume. This fabulous costume features a historically accurate red and yellow tunic, a hood with attached crown, matching pants and boot tops. Snag a sword, and he's ready to take the world by storm! Ready, set, go!

Was your little boy a huge fan of Disney Pixar's Wall-E? Most were! Our amazing Disney Pixar Wall-E costume lets your little boy mimic his favorite metallic alien. Costume include a slipover square shaped tunic that mimics Wall-E's metal makeup, with flashing lights and all. Then, there's the gloves that turn his five fingers into Wall-E's two, plus the mask that make up Wall-E's "eyes." Now, he's just got to practice his Wall-E voice!

Every little boy worships Jack Sparrow, of Disney's famous Pirates of the Caribbean movies. A new Pirates film is set to hit theaters this summer, so you can be sure that your little boy will have Jack Sparrow fever all over again come fall. This great Jack Sparrow costume is an official Disney outfit, so you can be sure that's its as close to Jack Sparrow as you're going to get. A white tunic shirt, blue vest, and of course, Jack Sparrow's signature belts come with the costume. To top it all off, there's the Jack Sparrow wig, which comes complete with dreadlocks, beads and his signature bandana.

Perhaps even more popular than Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are the costumes of the famous Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Children across the world don Gryffindor robes year after year to mimic their favorite witches and wizards. If you're looking to score an authentic Gryffindor robe for your little boy, look no further than our selection of Harry Potter costumes.