Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Best Batman Costumes

We've been feasting our eyes on shots from the set of the latest Batman movie, which is set to feature Anne Hathaway as the new Catwoman. Since Halloween is just around the corner, you can bet that things are a bit crazy around here - and we're wondering, what will YOU be for Halloween? Are you looking for Batman costumes? We're thinking that Batman might experience an surge in popularity thanks to the upcoming film, which will hit theaters early next year. The film, The Dark Knight Rises, is being kept under tight wraps - no one really knows what director Christopher Nolan has up his sleeve, but one thing is for sure: Batman will continue to reign supreme when it comes to superheroes. So, ready to get batty? Check out some of our favorite Batman costumes below.

Our Batman Muscle Chest costume for toddlers will give him the extra oomph he's looking for. Make sure you charge your phone, because you're definitely going to want to snap some photos of this adorable chap! Got an itty bitty infant? Don't worry, we didn't forget about the babies! We've got a Batman costume for tiny tots too, and it is oh-so-cute, if we do say so ourselves! Meanwhile, adults will love our Collector's Batman costume, and ladies will delight in our sexy Catwoman costume. There's even a Collector's Batgirl costume for the girls. Plus, we've got a great Dog Costume as well!