Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School and Ready to Play

It’s that time of year that every child dreads—the time of year that makes the scariest Halloween costumes available look like cute little puppies in little wicker baskets. We’re speaking of every parent’s long awaited dream come true and every child’s worst nightmare: The beginning of a new school year.

While suntanned tots are clinging to the last days of summer and sunburned parents are slathering on the last drops of aloe, schools all over the country are getting ready to be in full swing again. And you know what that means; new school plays, pageants, birthday parties, costume parties, and dances.

It seems as if our public learning institutions find every reason in the world for us to dig a little deeper into our threadbare pockets to make our children’s learning experiences more pleasant. And while we love to see our kids enjoying their time in school, sometimes it’s hard enough to make ends meet without having to pay hundreds of dollars for expensive clothing and that our teens will wear only once before outgrowing.

Homecoming dresses and pageant costumes can eat a hole through your budget before you even realize it. And when it comes to looking great, your little angel won’t care what it costs. So how do you ease the burden this year without affecting your child’s popularity status in school? It’s simple if you just shop wisely.

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