Friday, August 15, 2008

The Clone Wars: Not Up to Par

Just two days after the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the verdict is in and critics are saying that this animated continuation of the Star Wars saga just doesn’t live up to the hype.

Receiving a modest 3 star average rating, The Clone Wars has already been dubbed as a ploy to help George Lucas squeeze more cash from his massive Star Wars franchise. Critics are claiming that the movie, while overflowing with pleasing visuals, just doesn’t live up to the incredible standards of which we’re accustomed to seeing from George Lucas.

As a precursor to the new thirty-minute cartoon series of the same name, The Clone Wars follows the adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as they set out to rescue Jabba the Hutt’s son, Rotta the Hutt, from his renegade captors. While the animated flick is certainly targeted toward young children more so than die-hard Star Wars fans, some critics are saying that the film is full of mindless drivel that is not only a waste of time and money but it’s a complete slap in the face to loyal Star Wars followers.

The staunch enthusiasm of the live action Star Wars films just isn’t present in the Clone Wars. Many critics are claiming that the movie is a cheap marketing ploy designed to promote the animated series and nothing more. And in an attempt to market the cartoon series to the hilt, the movie contained elaborate, rapidly changing visuals as a means of maintaining the short attention spans of today’s video game-crazed children.

So, as the reviews come in, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Force just isn’t with George Lucas this time. This ninety-minute long pay-per-view commercial is mediocre at best. And it’s sure to leave a sour taste in the mouths of loyal Star Wars fans everywhere.