Monday, August 4, 2008

Group Costume Combinations has a wealth of couple’s costumes to express love, friendship, lust, and hilarity such as the Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume, the Plug and Socket Couples Costume, and the Adam and Eve Couples Costume. While these couple's costumes are unique and interesting, there are many costumes available on that you can purchase separately to build your own couple's costumes or even start your own entourage of Halloween haunts.

Few couple's costumes can compete with the Bacon and Eggs or Plug and Socket costume sets available this year. But if you use your imagination, you can come up with hilarious costume combinations that will make you and your group a big hit at this year’s Halloween Party.

Classic couples such as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and Sonny and Cher are always favorites for costume combos but what if you looked outside the box and went for something a little more original this year.

As you scan through the massive selection of Halloween costumes available on, try to look at each costume as if it could be combined with others to make an incredible group costume. For instance, who would Santa be without a few sexy elves tagging along beside him?

Why not get the whole family involved this year to make the festivities sizzle? Instead of everyone dressing in a stand-alone costume, why not dress everyone as a group. Perhaps a Native American tribe, a renaissance family or a group of presidential figures or Wild West renegades would suit your family or this year.

If you’d prefer to lend a little more humor to your family’s attire this Halloween, try to think of logical or blatantly obvious group costume combinations. The Burger King costume works well with the Juicy Burger Babe costume, the Hot Dog costume, and the Ketchup Bottle Costume. A Bowling Ball and Pin Set costume combo works well for a larger group as does Santa and his reindeer or a farmer and his livestock.

Regardless of your group Halloween costume combination ideas; has everything you need to make this Halloween a memorable event. When you purchase your Halloween costumes from, you’re not just getting superior quality costumes at low prices; you’re also getting incredible customer service and an easy, no hassle return policy that ensures you’re satisfied with your purchase.

There’s no wonder is the only logical choice for all your Halloween costume needs.