Monday, August 4, 2008

Modern Twists on Classic Halloween Costumes

Who can forget the classic costumes we used to wear as kids? You know the kind. They were typically made of flimsy plastic that felt and looked more like a painted garbage bag than a Halloween costume and they rarely lasted until the end of the night.

Back before Halloween became the second most commercialized holiday of the year, Halloween costumes just weren’t as fashionable or as durable as they are today. Costume selections were rather limited and adult costumes were seen rarely, if at all. Halloween was a children’s holiday; a time to load up on candy and goodies as our parents stood close by, anxious to get Halloween behind them for another year.

Thankfully, all that has changed and it’s now okay for children and adults of all ages to celebrate Halloween the way it way we were meant to, with wild costumes and realistic decorations. With Halloween costumes inspired by our favorite movies and sexy costumes that wouldn’t have made it past network censors in the eighties, adults can choose from a variety creative, durable Halloween costumes that put the older ones to shame.

From our favorite TV characters to whimsical costumes that require a bit of thought to thoroughly appreciate, Halloween costumes have changed in a big way and America is more than ready to take advantage of it all.

But if you just can’t get enough of the classic costumes, it may please you to learn that Halloween costume manufacturers have answered the call to revamp some of the most popular costumes of all time and give them a more modern, appealing twist. From witches to devils, monsters to vampires, Halloween costume designers and manufacturers have reinvented the classic Halloween costume and everyone is thrilled with the results.

Witches no longer have to be ugly hags that strike fear in the hearts of men. Today’s witch costumes are sexy from the floor up, padded in all the right places and sure to stop traffic when worn out for a night of Halloween festivities.

Dracula no longer wears plastic capes over everyday clothing and he no longer has to tell people who he is. Today, Dracula isn’t mistaken for anything less than the blood-sucking Count of Transylvania that he is. Modern Dracula costumes are made of plush, luxurious fabrics that make even Bela Lugosi’s Dracula costumes look like rags.

Devils are now as debonair as Hollywood hotties, Frankenstein is now a hilarious oaf, and werewolves are more realistic looking than ever. Classic Halloween costumes may have changed over the years but we love them just the same.

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