Monday, September 15, 2008

The Funniest Sexy Costumes of the Season

Who says that the frivolous display of skin is what makes a Halloween costume sexy? What's considered sexy in today's world is not necessarily what we see but what we think we're seeing and the images we conjure up in our own minds without the need for visual stimulation.

In most cases, it's our own dirty minds that makes what we see sexy or risque and everyone has their own ideals about what is considered too much. What one person considers tame another may consider tawdry and what one considers tacky another may consider tasteful.

So, with such a diverse opinion in what is risque and raunchy, how does one successfully spark a sinfully naughty thought in everyone without risking arrest for indecent exposure? Simply wow them with a humorously sexy costume that's sure to blow everyone away!

Check out our Top 5 Humorously Sexy Costumes list for ideas or click on the links below to see others over the top costumes that may suit your fancy this season!

5. Sexy Texy Cowgirl: They say everything is bigger in Texas and this little lady is setting out to prove that the old cliche is correct! The Sexy Texy costume pays homage to sexy cowgirls everywhere. From the top of her over sized hat to the bottom of her massive cowgirl boots, Sexy Texy is larger than life this Halloween!

4. Wild Girl: Who says you have to be a beauty queen to dress for success in today's world? This sexy wild "girl" is ready to party in her barely-there halter top. But don't worry about showing too much skin in this one. This wild girl's top is fake (if you catch our drift).

3. Perky Viking: This luscious lass has no reason to show too much skin--most of her assets are all too apparent when she's completely clothed! If you're looking to shock the masses and encourage a laugh or two, this is the costume to do it in!

2. Wardrobe Malfunction: If Hollywood hotties can get away with it, why can't we? It seems as though everywhere we look, the more delicate attributes of a woman's physique are displayed. Well prepare to join the hottest Hollywood trend in our Wardrobe Malfunction costume. Show it all without showing an inch of bare skin in this naughty little number!

And finally, our most hilarious, offensive, and risque costume of the year:

1. Stud Finder: Pay homage to the construction workers of the world in our ultra-hot, but not too revealing, Stud Finder costume!
From her warning cone top to bottoms of her boots, this tool belt diva is built tough!

And there you have it! Most of the aforementioned costumes are unisex so your choices for the most hilarious sexy costumes are only limited by your imagination.

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