Monday, September 15, 2008

Place a Modern Teen Spin on a Classic Costume This Year!

Today's teens need the freedom to express themselves as they see fit. Whether they're punk, Goth, preppy, prissy, or just plain bizarre, modern teens crave individuality. This Halloween, you can be free to express yourself in your own unique style by putting your own modern spin on classic Halloween costumes.

If your goal is to shock the masses and turn heads this Halloween, you need to check out's impressive selection of teen costumes. At Halloween Adventure, "teen" isn't considered an age or a size--it's considered a state of mind. In our teen costume category, you'll find some of the hottest, trendiest, most shocking costumes available on the market to help you place your mark on the coolest holiday of the year.

Check out the coolest teen costumes available from by clicking the links embedded into our countdown of the coolest, mod-classic Halloween costumes!

5. Massive Mobster Teen Costume: Let us make you an offer you can't refuse this Halloween! From classic gangster films to today's hottest mafia TV dramas, the mob plays a major role in our society's entertainment. These real life characters dramatized for our enjoyment are hotter than ever and you can emulate the best classic movie mobsters in our Massive Mobster costume! Complete with a mobster jumpsuit and an enormous mobster mask, the Massive Mobster costume is perfect for the organized crime extraordinaire!

4. Vegas Vampire: Your grandparents grew up listening to the King of Rock and Roll and chances are, you've heard more about Elvis Presley from them than you ever really wanted to know. And while you may not be into the hip shaking, lip curling, antics of the 1950's, one thing is for sure--Elvis Presley influenced modern music in a big way! So, prepare to mock the king of rock and shock the masses in your own "dark" style in our Vegas Vampire costume this season! After all, how can it be tasteless when you're paying homage to a musical genius?

3. Mary's Little Lamb: Speaking of paying homage to the classics, our Mary's Little Lamb costume is sure to blow everyone away this Halloween! As times change, so does the style of dress and this leaves one to wonder how Mary would dress if she were tending the flock in today's more risque world. Well, we've answered that question the only way we can! Our ultra-sexy Mary's Little Lamb costume is sure to attract the attention of your school mates this year and even if you decide to leave the lamb at home, no one will mind at all!
2. Mesmerizing Mermaid: Everyone remembers Disney's "Little Mermaid". If the adventures of Ariel remind you of your childhood, then pay tribute to the coolest mermaid under the sea in our daring and delightful Mesmerizing Mermaid costume! This sensational costume is as beautiful as it is shocking.

And finally, our coolest, most shocking, mod-classic teen costume of the season:
1. Little Bo Peep: She's lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them, but who cares? With an over-the-top costume like this one, no one will give a fleece about those sheep! Pay homage to your favorite nursery rhyme and wow the crowd at the same time in this incredible costume. Complete with a pink, white and blue dress, an attached petticoat, tie-on apron, bonnet and a fabric staff, Little Bo Peep is hotter than ever!

There you have it! There is a wealth of hot costumes waiting for you at Whether you're looking to put a modern spin on an old classic or if you're just looking for the perfect costume to express your unique personality, you're sure to find it at!

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