Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Glam Teen Queen Costumes

If your teen is a glam queen with an insatiable craving for the world of fashion, she's sure to love the incredible teen costumes available at! From Hollywood hotties to rockstar divas, your teen can emulate the most glamorous women in the world with the help of Halloween Adventure.

Just take a look at the sensational, glamorous, teen costumes available this season! Simply click on the links below or check out's teen costume department to see other incredible options.

1. Let's begin our look at the most glamorous costumes of the season with the most famous glam queen of all time, Marilyn Monroe. This silver screen goddess wowed audiences with her pouty lips, seductive mannerisms, and glamorous ego. If your teen is a true glam queen, she'll love our 50's Starlet costume! Hollywood will be calling the instant that she dons this popular costume!

2. If she loves glamour with a hint of attitude, she's sure to fall in with our incredibly impressive Raven Maven Costume. This in-your-face costume features a gorgeous costume dress with luxurious feather accents. It's perfect for the stunning starlet with a spunky attitude.

3. If she's into funky glam and she likes to keep her world animated, she'll look sensational in our Judy Jetson Glam costume. Take a step forward toward the future of fashion and look pretty in pink at the same time!
4. Better yet, encourage her to take a step back in time to the 1980's in our 80's Glam Girl costume. This punk rocker costume is like totally rad and glam all at the same time. Prepare to party like it's 1989!

5. If she oozes sophistication and style, prepare to blow her away with our impressively elegant Crimson Vampira costume. This intricately embellished costume is sure to make her the talk of the town! If she has a thirst for elegance, she's sure to be satisfied with this one!

Whether you're looking for something elaborately detailed and glamorous or something just mildly feminine, you're sure to find the perfect Teen costume at

At Halloween Adventure, we carry a massive selection of teen costumes to meet almost every theme and fit almost every budget. From glitzy glam queens to horrifying heart breakers, has your teen's Halloween costume needs covered like no other retailer.

When you shop at, it may help you to know that our teen costume department isn't just a matter of size, it's a matter of style. Because "teen" is more of a state of mind than an age, our teen costume department features some of the more popular teen styles in a wide array of sizes to fit smaller children and even plus size adults.

So, get ready to glam it up this year! Halloween is just around the corner and the perfect teen costumes are just a click away!