Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You've Never Seen Fairy Tale Characters Quite Like These!

If you're ready to stun your family and friends and pay homage to your favorite fairytale characters, then you're ready to see the insanely hot and sensational fairy tale costumes available from!

So, get ready to take a step back in time to your childhood and put a new spin on your favorite fairytale costumes with our "Too Sexy For Storybooks" fairytale character countdown.

To see the hottest, most seductive, and mind blowing fairytale costumes of the season, simply click on the links below. But be careful, these viciously sexy costumes may make you lose all sense of reality!

5. Naughty Red Riding Hood: No one will give a flying flip about Grandma when you wear this ravishing costume. If you're looking for more than just a peaceful walk through the woods and you're ready for adventure, this is the costume for you!

4. StoryBook Snow White: If you're the hottest maiden in the land, you're sure to attract your Prince Charming and just about every other eligible bachelor in town when you wear this stunningly sexy costume!

3. Goldilocks: This brave seductress isn't afraid of living the wild life in the least! If you loved Goldilocks and the Three Bears as a child and you have the curves and the nerve to emulate her in sensuous fashion, the Goldilocks costume is for you!
2. Little Bo Peep Show: You won't have time to herd sheep or even think about the rest of your chore list when you're busy wowing the crowd in this ultra-sexy, sinfully seductive costume!
And the hottest "Too Sexy For Storybooks" costume is:
1. The Good Witch: Prepare to enchant the masses and blow everyone away in this daintily sexy costume. If you like your costumes tasteful yet seductive, this is the one for you! Glinda the Good Witch of the North never looked so good and this stunning shocker wouldn't never have made it past the sensors when she made her debut!
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