Monday, October 6, 2008


Go Grease Lightning!
            This Halloween, adorn yourself in one of our many fabulous 1950s costumes, and allow your mind to drift back to a time when dating meant “going steady” and love meant “getting his pin.” Pay homage to one of the best movies of the time, Grease, and get your Sandra Dee on!
            Our Poodle Skirt and Sweater Hallowen Historical 50’s Costume is ever so pink lady! Is that Rizzo you’re imitating? Or perhaps, Sandra Dee? Oh Danny Zuko, wherefore art thou? This costume includes a pink cardigan sweater and flared poodle skirt with a sequin and felt appliqué. It even comes complete with a polka dot scarf. Tie the scarf around your neck for added flair, and you’ll swear you’ve gone back in time!
            Why its Grease Lightning! This Poodle Outfit Costume is exactly what Sandy would wear before she joined the Pink Ladies. A turquoise poodle skirt with black felt poodle embroidered on, with a sweet white shirt and black cinch belt. Wear it to the diner, or to the bowling alley. Anywhere you go, you’ll be styling. Saddle shoes not included (but we’d recommend you get a pair!)
            The great outfit above also comes in pink! This is something Frechie would be all over. Can’t you just see her prancing around the parking lot in this full pink skirt? It even comes with black cat’s eye glasses just like the ones Frenchie would wear. Go all out with added pink scarf and black cinch belt. Just don’t forget, if you try your hand at beauty school, try not to dye your hair orange!
            Our Poodle Outfit in Pink and Black is Patty all the way! It’s sugar and spice and everything nice, with just a dash of naughty thrown in. The black skirt has an adorable embroidered pink poodle, and we recommend tying the pink scarf around the neck just like the picture shows. Just beware, Rizzo’s never liked you, and just because you’re wearing black doesn’t mean you can win her over.
            To top off your fabulous fifties costumes and do Grease right, make sure and get the necessary hair accoutrements! That’s right, wigs. For Frenchie, we recommend the 50’s Housewife Auburn Wig, while Sandy can be perfectly mimicked with our Sandy Ponytail Wig. No matter which Grease Girl you choose, make sure you bring the number one best thing about Rydell High: SPIRIT!