Monday, October 6, 2008


Go Grease Lightning Part II: the Men’s Edition
            Who said ladies get to have all the fun? Men love Grease too. They just don’t like to admit it. But once you’ve caught them in the shower, belting out “Summer Lovin” with shampoo bottle in hand, there’s no turning back. Our Grease costumes aren’t just for the girls, so men, step right down and take a look.
            For starters, our Grease Danny Wig is a surefire hit. Put this wig on, and you can almost get away with wearing whatever you want. A 50s pompadour style, this headpiece might have people confusing you with John Travolta, so you might want to practice your moves.
            If you’re looking to go all the way, check out our Danny Deluxe T-Bird Jacket Costume. This one will have you showing off your moves in front of the neighbors. Just be careful not to injure yourself when you’re jumping on and off the car doing your dance. Danny Zuko would be proud!
             Going for a look that’s a bit more Kenicky? Our Greaser Wig in Black will have all the girls fawning over you in between classes.  After all, everyone knows that a hickey from Kenicky is the best kind.
            If you’re just looking to be one of the guys, pick up a leather jacket, rock some tight jeans, and snag our 50’s Pompadour Wig. Follow Danny Zuko on his quest to captivate Sandy’s attention, and grind those hips and win those ladies with our one of a kind wig.  Be sure to practice your smoldering stare in the mirror. This headpiece has a lot of attitude, and needs some great facial expressions to go with.
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